Boyne Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 12 / 11 By: Mountainside Inn
Trail Report: Petoskey Snowmobile Club - 12/11 Lake effect snow has been falling for the last few days with totals of 8 to 12 inches or more,very cold temps and lots of wind. Being lake effect snow its light and fluffy, not packy at all but at least piling up. We should be getting the green flag from the DNR anytime to start panning the trails, looking forward to a great season. -- Photos --- Complete Report
Frederic / Gaylord Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 03 / 20 By: Sledheads of Frederic
Latest Snow: 10154233020518182 -- Trail Report: Spring, Spring, Beautiful Spring it makes me want to dance and sing... I actually wrote that on a little poem in first grade. I didnít know back then that I would want to have snow all the time. Today is the first day of spring and its 49 degrees here in Frederic. The u.p. was still going full force this past weekend with motels being full and groomers out and about. A guy from Bowling Green Ohio left his truck and trailer out back here and then headed up to Paradise with his friend from Freemont, Mich. They had good riding up there and said they saw several groomers but also said it was getting pretty dry getting into Grand Marais. So the end is getting closer even up there. I even managed to get my truck buried only about a mile from the shop here on a trail road where my plow frame bottomed out on it and we had to walk back here. I left the truck overnight and came back on sunday to get it out. It was a nice walk down trail 7 but donít let the snow in the pics fool you as there are a lot of dry grass fields and parts of the trail out there too. The pics below are the guys that came back from the u.p. as they switched sleds around in their trailers out back of the shop here. Thatís about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete -- <> --- Complete Report