Frederic / Gaylord Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 04 / 18 By: Sledheads of Frederic
Trail Report: Still very rideable , I would say at least thru today and maybe tomorrow depending on the temps. The snow is really starting to settle and get more packy. Sleds were out and about yesterday and all pics below are from yesterday. I headed out for another ride yesterday afternoon and Derrick from Lainesburg showed up to ride right when I was leaving so we headed out and found incredible untouched snow with 18 to 24 inches in most of the spots and we were never more than 3 miles from Sledheads. We were out about 2 hours and did a high quality 21 mile ride. I even managed to get stuck a couple of times and that makes it all the more memorable. All riders I talked to yesterday were reporting great riding. The state trails are getting packed down now but are still white. Not really any prediction for new snow so as I have said before this might really be itů.I have rode more in the past week than I did all season. Its now 9:40 a.m. on Wednesday morning and there were 2 riders on sleds sitting here that had just rode up from Grayling and here just for a day trip. I drove by the parking lot 3 miles west of grayling yesterday and there were 3 trailers there and it was a sight as you could tell all 3 of them had a hard time getting into there and one of them looked pretty stuck. I still might do a quick ride today just to say I did. Thanks for checking in. Pete <> Visit Sledheads of Frederic Website >>>> <> --- Complete Report
Petoskey Area - Conditions: N/A Updated: 02 / 02 By: Petoskey Snowmobile Club
Trail Report: February 01,2018 Finally some good news to pass along,our area picked up 5 or 6 inches of snow last night, not enough to get us back to normal but for sure a welcome sight. Weather folks say good chance of lake effect everyday for several days to come. Lots going on this week-end with the I-500 in the SOO and a bean pot down in Walloon Village at the Barrelback, if your in the area, stop in and have some great soup. Thanks to all that attended the first couple of breakfasts of the season, it has been enjoyed by all and going to continue thru Feb. Ride safe. Don`t forget, we are once again serving breakfast on Sunday <> Visit Petoskey Snowmobile Club Website >>>> Visit Petoskey Snowmobile Club Report on MSA >>>> <> --- Complete Report